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Y Strainer Valve YFE-PN16-GG25
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Sell Y Strainer Valve YFE-PN16-GG25

Specification of Y Strainer Valve YFE-PN16-GG25

Y Strainer Valve YFE - PN16 - GG25

Sell ​​Y-Strainer size 2 "- 12". Y-Strainer, as is known to have the function of filtering impurities in the form of "dirt, scale" and dirt from the rest of the welding and other objects. The construction usually consists of machined body seats with a connection type flange or butt weld, and has a screen made of stainless steel. Type Y-Strainer is generally very heavy.



Size: 2 "- 12" (DN50 - DN300)

Body: GG25 (Cast Iron)

Cap: GG25 (Cast Iron)

Screen: SUS304

End Standard: Flanged PN16

Pressure: 16 bars

Temperature: 200 degrees Celsius


We are the largest fitting importer in Surabaya and sell products at more competitive prices. We also sell various types of brands, as follows:

1. Kitz

2. Yone (PN-16)

3. MDT

And there are still many other types and sizes. For information, price quotes, and orders. Please contact our contact person.


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