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Flexible rubber joint Tozen
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Specification of Flexible rubber joint Tozen

Flexible Rubber Joint Twinflex Tozen

Rubber flexible expansion joints have various functions and advantages as follows:

  •     Reduce pressure or contractions arising from the conditions of liquid or gas passing.

  •     Reduce vibrations that occur in the pipe joints that are passed by liquid or gas.

  •     Reducing noise.

  •     Reducing fractures or leaks due to shifts between pipes.

  •     Can be applied / installed in a simple way.

  •     Can be installed in narrow or difficult areas such as being installed crossing or in corners.

  •     Using materials that can be adapted to needs such as foodgrade, chemical resistance, heat resistance, high pressure resistance, etc.

  •     Not conductive.

  •     Using rubber material so it won't rust.

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Nominal diameter:

32mm - 600mm

Maximum working pressure:

32- 150mm : 2.0MPa{ 20.4kgf / ㎠ }or
above at normal temp.

200~600mm:1.6MPa{16.3kgf/㎠} or
above at normal temp.

Operating temperature:

-10°C - 70°C

Expansion and compression eccentricity:

15 - 30mm

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