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Flange Slip on JIS 10K NS 1 1/4"
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Sell Flange Slip on JIS 10K NS 1 1/4"

Specification of Flange Slip on JIS 10K NS 1 1/4"

Flange Slip on JIS 10K NS 1 1/4 "

Flange is a component that is used to connect between two pipe elements with valves or pipes with other equipment into one whole unit using bolts as the adhesive.

The function of the Flange is a component associated with piping to facilitate work, maintenance, repairs to replace other equipment without damaging the required components.




Body: Carbon Steel

Size: 1 1/4 "(DN-32)

Outside Diameter: 135 MM

Inner Diameter: 43.2 MM

Thickness: 12 MM

Number of holes: 4 holes

Weight: 1.45 kg


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