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Elbow sch40 18" Ricon
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Sell Elbow sch40 18" Ricon

Specification of Elbow sch40 18" Ricon

Elbow sch40 18 "Ricon
Sell ​​Elbow sch 40 size 18 "elbow fittings or elbow pipes used in pipe installation systems, this type of fittings serves to deflect the direction of elbow flow provided by CV. Star Jaya Sejahtera with 90 and 45 angles with many sizes adjusted to the size of the iron pipe used.

We are the biggest importer in Surabaya and sell products with more competitive prices available in several sizes of elbow iron elbow iron size 3/4 "to 20"
We also sell various types such as:

1. Elbow carbon steel seamless
2. Elbow carbon steel welded
3. Elbow carbon stainless steel 304
4. Elbow carbon stainless steel 316
5. Sch 10 Elbow
6. Elbow sch 40
7. Sch 80 Elbow
8. Elbow (KENI) Outer Thread and Inner Thread
9. Elbow PVC
10. Elbow SGP


And there are still many other types and sizes. For information, price quotes, and orders please contact our marketing team :


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